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From the Air Force to the Church

I was born on a share croppers farm in southwest, GA. Then we moved to Columbus, Ga when I was 6 yrs old. I graduated from High School in 1955 then joined the USAF during the same year. went through aspic training and tech school; then I was stationed at Long Island, NY. I met my wife there and we were married July 1958. We started our family in 1959 and our son was born Sept 30th; and a daughter in Feb 1962. I was discharged from the USAF in March of 1959 while remaining in Long Island, NY for 6 more years. It was then me and my family moved to Marietta, Ga in 1965.

Up that point my exposure to religion was limited. My parents were not religious. After being in Marietta a few weeks I went out drinking wi my next door neighbor. when he brought me home my wife had to help me into the house. Through is incident God spoke to me that my life need a change. A short time later I was invited to church and responded. After a couple of Sundays while at the same church I responded to the atar call. my sin burden was lifted and my life was changed forever. god took away the old life of drinking, cursing, and smoking. without him I am nothing. with his help I have had a successful marriage of almost 55 years. Three children, 6 grand children, and 5 great grand children. I have been striving to follow Jesus since 1965. Life just gets sweeter each day. I thank God for saving my soul.


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