Getting right with God

20130501-150954.jpgGetting Right with God

Before I had started attending my former Church (Grace Baptist Church) I had attended this Catholic Church (Saint Thomas Catholic Church) with family, during the time I was attending the Church I was not really feeling it, well on one Sunday I remember needing to go to Church early because I knew I had to be at work at Michaels Arts and Crafts by 10:00am, so I decided to catch the early mass at 7:30am and then after-wards head off to work, well about maybe a little less than half way through the mass I just had to leave because I just wasn’t feeling it. So I drove back down towards were I stay around, and found a Church (Calvary Christian Ministries), but the only problem was that the service at that Church was not going to start till 9:00 am, so I was literally going to be sitting down for service and then immediately standing up to head off to work. So here I am at this Church parking lot and I just began to pray to God, saying something like please lead me to a Bible-believing, truth-speaking Church, (well I thank God that, even though I was not saved at the time, God was gracious to me and blessed me by answering my prayer because right after I had prayed I somehow ended up eventually at Grace Baptist Church (this was the same Church that I should of noticed off to the corner every time I would head to work, but I never noticed it, and I had been working at Michael’s Arts and Crafts for about nearly several months (July 2008) prior to attending Grace Baptist Church (December 2008), but yet don’t really remember noticing it (as far as I believe). Well I pulled up into the Church and service was going on (it was the 8:15am service), so I sat down for the service and after-wards I was just blown away by the message, so what would eventually end up happening was I would attend the 1st service (8:15am service) at Grace Baptist Church and then leave (i.e. not attend the Sunday School (9:00am) and 2nd service which started at 10:00am) and attend my friends Church and while my friends would be setting up to have service at their Church, I would tell them about this Church (that I believe God had graciously lead me to) and about the truth that I was hearing from this Pastor (He was, during his time there, the Associate Pastor, he now has his own Church which I now attend). Well, even my friends could notice as they would setup for the Church service for there Church, just by my enthusiasm as I would share with them the truth this Pastor was preaching, they could tell that I had found something good (Praise God that he (God) eventually worked it out for them (my friends) to attend my Church for a brief while.) Well eventually, I made that my permanent home Church (was there for a little over 4 years).
Well, a couple of days prior to April 11th, 2010 I felt this weighing on my heart about the fact that I don’t think I’m right with God I don’t think I’m saved, (also prior to April 11th, 2010 I had been involved in outreaches (esp. with friends), evangelism (esp. with friends), Bible Studies (esp. with friends), etc. for a couple of years– i.e. during my earlier time in college).

In 2008 I did get baptized at my Church, keep in mind though that I was getting baptized based on standing upon mid-October of 2006 as the time when I got saved (which probably instead was just an experience and not salvation), but as I would later realize it, that at the time of that baptism I was not saved because the salvation I was leaning on (mid-October of 2006) later on looking back at it, I started realizing that I actually could not recall ever placing my faith and trust in Jesus Christ in that time of mid-October of 2006. Well during the time of May 2009 – Spring 2010 I had lost my joy, I was just not feeling any joy, so I was seeking after a restoring of my joy, but eventually I would come to realize that it was not a restoring of joy I needed, but it was salvation I needed. Moreover around that time there were instances where I did fear being “left behind” which did effect how I did in one of my classes during the summer of 2009, during that summer I did wonder if my friends were still here because again I feared being “left behind”. I believe there were other times during the Church services where I new I should go down to the alter about this matter, but every time I was reluctant to do it and that was probably due to the fact of pride and religion (doing (or being involved in) all these good works–e.g. Bible studies, evangelism, loving the fellowships, knowing scriptures, etc.) and because of doing all of those things I believed I was saved, I believed I had to be saved because I believed that my actions was showing that of a saved person, and I had received compliments by a few people about the way in which I acted, and I even had an impact on a few people). Well prior to April 11th, 2010, there was this weighing on my heart (this started happening a couple of days prior to April 11th) and I tried many times praying secretly to get this matter resolved, I even had someone pray for me, but the weighing on my heart about this matter (not being right with God) was still there. Also (as previously mentioned) I would always neglect to go down to the altar, however I would secretly go up to a room up in the Church when service was over, and I would pray to God (I believe I prayed to Him something like have your way with me or take control of my life–I can not actually remember what I said exactly). Also about probably a few days prior to April 11th I started to finally realize that I am the problem (this realization coming about probably a few days prior to the convictions). So, on that day (April 11th, 2010 Sunday) while I was picking up a friend to bring him to my Church, I knew I had to get this matter resolved with God that day, so on that day after the Associate Pastor was done preaching the morning service and did the alter call, I rose up my hand in acknowledgment before God that I am a sinner, and then after-wards I eventually came before the alter before God and placed my complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation and after-wards I knew that something had taken place that day, that did not happen any other day (keep in mind that I had been praying prior regarding this matter and things pertaining to this matter, and even had someone pray for me on that Friday prior to that Sunday the 11th), so after I had placed my complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation that weighing on my heart was gone. And I am SO SO SO THANKFUL TO GOD FOR THIS!!!

This is my Testimony and I pray that it would be a blessing to souls along with all the other testimonies on the web-page!!!!

Peace and God Bless Ya,
Bethran A.