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The Gospel for the Children of the Nations…in U.S. Public Schools!

The Gospel for the Children of the Nations…in U.S. Public Schools!
By Rev. Bill Walker

Since June 11, 2001, the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court case “Milford Central Schools v Good News Club” guarantees “equal access” to the use of public school property. This means that if a public school allows any extra-curricular group to meet on campus, that school cannot deny access to Christian groups. This landmark case legally opened the door of every elementary school in the United States to Child Evangelism Fellowship’s “Good New Club” ministry.

What is a Good News Club? A GNC is a fun-filled, action-packed time when elementary-aged children learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have a blast at the same time! Good New Clubbers learn that the Bible is 100% true, that Jesus cares for them and that sin is anything we “think, say or do that displeases God or breaks His laws”. They also learn that they are sinners and how they can be saved from their sins! Saved children are discipled and taught to have their quiet time with God every day and to memorize Scripture. Good News Club is the only “church service” that many of these kids have ever attended!


International Children

Lisa and I learned children’s ministry from Mrs. Cathy Peek, wife of Rev. Tim Peek (EMC elder). Weekly participation in Good News Clubs is part of our ministry with the EMC Department of Multicultural Ministries. What’s the connection between children’s ministry and multicultural ministry? I’m glad you asked!
We had a thrilling experience recently at the Good News Club in Winder, GA. We were teaching the song “Yo Tengo Un Amigo Que Me Ama” (I Have a Friend Who Really Loves Me) to the children (the song is sung in both Spanish and English). Lisa and I introduced the song by speaking to the kids in Spanish. They became excited trying to guess what language we were speaking. After a few sentences I changed back to English and said, “Oops! I forgot what language I was speaking in! I spoke to you in Spanish. Do any of you speak a language other than English?”
Nearly one-third of the 59 children present raised their hands! These kids could speak Spanish, Swahili, Tsonga, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Polish among others! This is an ordinary school district, yet very ethnically diverse! This is probably happening in your school district, also! Are you aware of it? Are you or does your church make an effort to reach out to children outside your own ethnicity? You should, because they are here!
Acts 17:26-27 teaches us that God brought the nations (ethne) of the world to America so that Christian Americans will make disciples of them! We are to take the truth about Salvation by faith in Jesus to children of diverse ethnic origin. Remember, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world! Red, brown, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight!” Are you, like Jesus, occupied in our FATHER’S business? Contact us to learn how to start and sponsor a Good News Club in your local elementary school!!

Bill and Lisa Walker serve as the Directors of the EMC Department of Multicultural Ministries. Please contact them to help you and your church learn how to minister to all ethnicities in your area.


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