Church Updates

The Superintendent’s Wife

Brothers and Sisters,
Loretta’s earthly tenure is accelerating toward the end and her new life in the Presence of Jesus is closing in on her. The mixture of emotions from joy to the reality of our temporary absence from one another is a daily path to walk with the family. Our older grandkids are walking with us and experiencing this reality. Our children are great in honoring their mother and assisting to her care. It is now their turn to serve her.

The General Council has graciously allowed me to be absent from the office during this time. The Cabinet, especially the Dean, will be my representative where he is needed. Rev. Coulston will continue the ministry of HQ and be available to you. They will be in contact with me when necessary.

Loretta has difficulty in communicating coherently through the email and Facebook. We are having her dictate anything she wants to write. She allowed me to post a picture with a couple of sentences on Facebook today. Our family is discussing the best way to communicate with our EMC family. She reads her email but probably will not be replying. Please know how much she loves you and cherishes you being her friend and family in Christ.

We have a hospice nurse visiting Monday and Thursday every week. Loretta is mobile in the house, but very weak. She is now on oxygen 24/7. She was thrilled to attend the Journey East Conference, although it was challenging. We both needed the spiritual strength gained in those days with many of you.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We love you all. You are free to share this with your church.

“Deeper in Christ…Further in Mission”