Church Updates

Ed and Loretta Williamson

Dear EMC Family,
The love and support given to Loretta through you overwhelmed our hearts and flooded our minds with precious memories. We reviewed those memories together in these past weeks.
Ed_Loretta_WilliamsonThe Monday following the Journey East, which she was determined to attended, I called for hospice. Thirty two days later she walked into the Lord’s Presence pain free.
Every week during that period a part of Loretta was gone, her ability to share succinctly the effective ministry to children; physical mobility, memory, speech, and then care for herself.
A difficult moment for me was when it was in her best interest to have a hospital bed that we would place in our sunroom. I thought we had one more night in our own bedroom and they brought the bed on the very day hospice ordered it and set it up. Forty two years we had been side by side and suddenly that was over. I slept on the couch beside her bed where I could hold her hand until she was asleep and be available for her needs throughout the night. Our family surrounded us. Our children and grandchildren surrounded us. Loretta’s sisters came and Bernadette, a practicing home care RN in Boston, was with us. She had promised Loretta to be with her, in fact Bern is the sister that led her to Christ.
Loretta and I planned her memorial celebration service. We do not want any hardship upon our pastors or churches in efforts to attend the service. That is one reason it will be live streaming of the service that evening from the church for our churches around the globe and recorded on U Stream. All are welcome but not expected. There will be links mailed to you and available on our website dats before the service for the live streaming.
The memorial celebration will be June 14, Friday 6:30 pm, at Covenant EMC in Morgantown, WV. The graveside will be with family some months from now. Loretta insisted on giving her body for medical research after which we will receive cremated remains. She hopes they will find something in her body God did in her cellular system that allowed her to live 20 years and the last six beyond all medical protocols defying all known cases of cancer. The result may provide advancement toward a cure.
In lieu of flowers we give the opportunity for ministry investment. Many months ago we set up an Endowment Scholarship fund in Loretta’s name for students at the school she founded, Covenant Christian School. Go to, our denominational web page for a full description, disclosure, and the availability for online giving. Rev. Coulston at HQ can assist you in any questions,
Covenant EMC address is: 802 Greenbag Road, Morgantown, WV., if you plan to attend. Loretta and I are very serious about not creating hardships on our pastors or churches. She loved you, whether it was Mexico, USA, Myanmar, or our French speaking African churches in Canada, Europe, and Africa. You gave more to us than we could ever give to you.

Grace and Peace,
Ed Williamson