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Worthy of Our Worship – Nov 10th 2013



Worship Service

Rev. Bill and Lisa Walker

Worthy of our Worship

Psalms 33
Why do you serve/worship God?

We are called to worship in the opening verses, (1-2) but then in the rest of the Psalm we are given the reasons. God’s worthiness is described to the reader.

The Word of the Lord is:

  1. Quality (v.4-5)
    1. Without comparison, without equal—accept no cheap imitations
      1. There is no god like our God…!
      2. There is no god beside our God…!
    2. Right and true, faithful, righteous and just
    3. Can rely on Him!
      1. He never breaks a promise!
      2. He never gets defeated!
      3. He always gets His way!
    4. Must rely on Him!
      1. never disappointed
  1. Creative (v.6)
    1. God’s word is powerful enough to have created all that exists
    2. Something from nothing
      1. Evolution claims unintelligent non-organic matter that always existed
      2. Creation claims intelligent and loving God that always existed
  1. Control (v.7)
    1. He controls the earth
      1. Weather, formations, oceans
    2. He controls the heavens
      1. Stars and the rest of the galaxy and universe we have never seen except for in pictures.
    3. We are not to small that his creative power can’t be brought to bear on our human situation and need
  1. Command (v.8-9)
    1. God’s commands are not disobeyed by nature
    2. God’s commands ultimately are kept even by men
      1. Voluntarily now
      2. Involuntarily later—every knee will bow (Phil 2:10-11)
  • Now the Psalmist switches from talking about God’s being over Nature to being over Nations.
  • We all like for God to be in control of nature, but it’s another thing for us to want Him to be in control of OUR LIVES!
  • The same Power we daily witness in nature can be REAL in our lives day in and day out!
  1. Council (v.10-11)
    1. Foils the plans of nations and thwarts the purposes of men
      1. God’s ways are higher than man’s and better
      2. Man’s ways are not holy, rather self-centered and often misguided
        1. Is 55:9
      3. It is good for God to cause our plans to fail, that way we can follow his plans instead!
    2. The plans of the Lord stand forever and His purposes for all generations
      1. What God wants to accomplish throughout history does not change
        1. He has and end plan
        2. History is linear not cyclical, it is deterministic
      2. What he wants to accomplish in our lives does not change either
        1. He wants to make us increasingly like Him
  1. Calling (v.12-15)
    1. God has chosen a people—Israel
      1. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord—that is a reference to Israel, as opposed to other nations that worship other national gods
      2. God chose or called Israel unto himself for an evangelistic purpose
    2. V. 13 Yet God in his word also calls all mankind to salvation—not just the Jews. We Gentiles who have faith are also included.
      1. Jn 3:16—whoever
      2. Lk 2:10—all the people
      3. Ac 10:34-35
      4. 2 Pt 3:9
    3. There is goodness and a blessing in being called by God
      1. Called first to salvation and holiness (separation from the world and worldliness)
      2. Called then to service
        1. Everyone is gifted for service
  1. Courage (v.16-17)
    1. We cannot trust and be confident in our resources
      1. When we have money in the bank or plenty of food in the house then we “feel” secure
      2. That is a false sense of security—those things can fail or be used up and not replaced
      3. Psalmist says that no king is saved by a large army, and no warrior by his own strength
      4. Salvation security comes from God, not man
    2. We cannot have courage because of ourselves or our circumstances
      1. We need to have courage because of God’s faithfulness and power
      2. When Israel relied on neighboring countries for political and military security, God always warned them—like leaning on a broken staff would jab splinters (astilla) into themselves, so we will be disappointed and hurt when we trust in ourselves or other people
  2. Care (v.18-22)
    1. The eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him (2 Chron 6:20)
      1. 2 Chron16:9—King Asa relied on the secular, physicians rather than seeking the Lord
      2. Did not trust fully, like a king that trusts in his army
    2. We have courage because of the CARE of the Lord
      1. he will deliver us from death and seemingly certain destruction (famine v 19)
    3. The unfailing love of God (chessed) will rest as we trust—direct connection between these two.


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