Resolution on Abortion

Whereas the Holy Scriptures clearly teach that life begins at conception, and that the taking of that life is clearly repugnant to God, the Evangelical Methodist Church does not sanction nor condone abortion. We encourage our churches to help women in problem pregnancies by providing understanding, forgiveness, and counseling in a spirit of love. They should be helped morally, spiritually, and financially when possible.
We should do all we can to help unmarried girls to trust in the grace of Christ and lead them to new help in a non-judgmental spirit of love and understanding. In the same spirit we should help those mothers who have had an abortion to a realization of the redeeming grace of Christ and the complete forgiveness of that sin. We should open our arms of Christian fellowship to those whom Christ redeems, “restoring such a one in the spirit of meekness, lest we also be tempted,”

The above resolution was passed by the General Conference of the Evangelical Methodist Church meeting in Wilmore, Kentucky in July, 1990.