Gospel Light Community Church
“Our Story”

“Our church was built literally on the Word of God.”

Gospel Light Community Church was founded November 3, 1953 under the name, First Evangelical Methodist Church, by Rev. Frank H. Ray. The Evangelical Methodist Church began with an ad placed in the Marietta Daily Journal, with services first held in an auditorium which used to stand on Fairground Street. The original service had twenty-nine people present. In 1956, land lots were purchased at the corner of Frey’s Gin Road and Wylie Drive. The first part of the basement was built and used for a place of worship until 1966 when the basement annex was added. The annex gave the needed Sunday School facilities, and was adequate up to the time when the permanent sanctuary and second floor annex could be completed. On October 30, 1966, the First Evangelical Methodist Church of Marietta was officially dedicated.

The Church was built literally on God’s word. There are twelve Bibles in the foundation of the church, one placed at each cornerstone of the church. The completed church structure is of traditional design with outside walls of rose-tone brick. The sanctuary seats 300 people. The second floor annex has Pastor’s Office and needed space for additional Sunday School Classes. The building contains approximately 8,000 square feet of floor space with central air and heating with three separate units to heat the entire building or individual sections.

The Congregation paid off the Mortgage and burned the note on Sunday October 30, 1983. Remodeling of the lower sanctuary took place during the mid 1980’s converting it into a fellowship hall. A kitchen was later added in an adjacent room. In 2001, remodeling of the main sanctuary with addition of handicap accessible restroom facilities in the upper annex was completed. The fellowship hall and Intermediate Sunday School room was remodeled in 2003 followed by the nursery in 2007. Many additions were added to the building throughout the years – new signs, brick flower planters, bell tower, ceiling fans, handicap ramp and church library.

In 1999, the congregation voted to change the name of the church to “Gospel Light Community Church” to reflect the changing community surrounding the church. Over the years, there have been many changes, buildings, programs, pastors, membership-But the ONE thing that has remained constant and NEVER changing has been the UN-COMPROMISED preaching of GOD’S WORD. Many souls have been won for Christ, many have grown in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many of our congregation have been called to full time ministry, all have labored in the harvest fields for the Cause of Christ. That is the reason for and the mission of Gospel Light Community – First Evangelical Methodist Church. “To Hold Forth the Word of Light”