“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” Matt 4:19

emcmenlogoEvangelical Methodist Men (EMM)

We believe each man of the church should grow into an important role model. ( 1 Pet 2:2) In addition to regular Discipleship offered here at Gospel Light Community Church, the men are encouraged to come together for special times of fellowship, learning, and good old fashion fun.

The first Saturday of each month at 8:00 AM we meet for an intense devotional, meditation, and prayer. The bible studies range from articles from Billy Grahamn, theological concepts, simple memory verses or testimonials from the men in the group. Then finally fellowship over breakfast at an agreeable place. If you are looking to following along and or scheduele to be in town please following along with our Events to join in and serve.


Brothers posing after serving


Men on Father’s Day 2012

EMM Evangelical Methodist Men

Brothers posing on Friends Day

God has revealed through Christ, that it takes real men to have courage to follow Jesus. This requires for us men to put away selfish interests.

See what this old Chinese Proverb says:

“Not the cry but the flight of the wild duck that leads the flock to fly and follow.” My translation is: “talk is cheap and abundant, but courageous efforts are to be valued.”
Gordon MacDonald

If you are looking for real purpose in life, may we invite you to follow Jesus. With our on-going purpose to worship unto the Lord and serve. Gentlemen you are invited to enjoy some good old fashion fellowship with the men here at Gospel Light Community Church. As HE himself says Through † it is the only way can get connected. (Joh 14:6) Contact us today!

EMM Evangelical Methodist Men

Bro. Harold Petty
Men’s Leader